Timber processing technology

To ensure that we provide our customers’ the best quality hardwood timber, our company uses the latest available sawmilling technology.

Raw material procurement

Our experienced procurement team's most important decisions determine the final product quality, early in the forest when selecting the raw timber. We outsource the logs exclusively from FSC managed forests.

Raw material grading

To maximize the value of the resource, Lafor's grading technicians classify each log with great care; and with their extensive knowledge, they also make sure that each log is classified the best way.


To ensure high-quality products and the primary resource's optimal use, Lafor's experienced and well-trained production technicians use the latest available technology. Our technological flow includes: Primultini band saw, MEM twin band saw, a multi-blade rip saw, optimizing machine, cross cut off saws.


The lumber is steamed right after it is sawn, and before it has a chance to dry out. After steaming, the beechwood's white sapwood becomes much darker, looking at times almost as dark as the heartwood. The heartwood, when heated, also changes color, becoming a little bit darker. These color effects develop throughout the timber and not just at the surface. Steaming as a process to improve sapwood's appearance is becoming more critical nowadays as tree diameters are smaller, meaning more timber with a higher percentage of sapwood.

During the steaming process, the beech lumber takes on a distinctive pink color. After steaming, the hot lumber is discharged from the chambers, stickered, and loaded into the kiln drying rooms.


Lafor's longtime kiln drying expertise and the modern equipment make us the drying hardwood leaders, including difficult to dry, thick timber. With over 1,700cubm of kiln drying capacity and massive dry lumber storage warehouses, Lafor Wood Products can deliver large quantities of export-ready hardwood timber on time.


We utilize the latest grading technology: scanners, optimizing machines, along with very experienced technicians to maximize the yield and to deliver high-quality products to our customers. We continually invest in the most efficient and precise computer-aided equipment to ensure maximum production output while retaining quality


Most of our timber is produced in advance and sold to customers at a later time. Custom hardwood timber is made to order. For specific orders, customers are welcome to inspect the wood at our sawmill.

Edge glued panels production

The edge-glued panels are built from narrow pieces of wood glued along their edges to create large width boards.

The narrow pieces of wood used for edge-glued panels are cut from larger pieces of wood to remove visual defects such as knots, cracks, and wanes. The finished boards are more dimensionally stable than a single piece of wood of the same dimensions, better resisting warping, cupping and twisting because of the random orientation of the grain in the adjacent sections.

As an industrial product, solid wood panels come finished or unfinished being often cut to specific sizes in furniture manufacturing, or for countertops and tabletops, stair treads, drawers, and cutting boards.

For the retail market, panels are cut to size but not finished, since they are for the do-it-yourself market where people often purchase them for home use. However, DIY stores sell some finished panels that have been pre-shaped as tabletops, cutting boards, shelves, and countertops. Lafor has built a reputation as an industry leader in the production of edge-glued panels, drawers, parts, and stair treads.

To maintain and improve this position, Lafor has evolved its operation to include two modern production lines: one for production of the edge-glued panels and another for semi-machined components, drawer parts, and stair treads.

The first line utilizes the latest technology in the production of hardwood edge-glued panels and focuses on the need for high quality, close tolerance, and large production runs.

The second produces drawer parts, stair treads, wooden stairs, and other specialty items. This line provides our operators with the flexibility to meet our customers’ most stringent requirements.