Lafor Wood Products is a Canadian wholesaler of hardwood timber, wood countertops, kitchen island tops, butcher blocks, stair treads, and risers, hardwood flooring, solid wood edge glued panels for the furniture industry, short stock, and furniture parts: table tops, table legs, drawers and drawer parts. Our sawmill plant and edge-glued panels plant are located in Eastern Europe.

Established in 1993, our facility is one of the largest sawmilling and wood processing companies from Romania. It is dedicated to providing quality hardwood lumber and related products to the woodworking industry.

Razboieni Sawmill is the primary manufacturing site of Lafor. The sawmill utilizes the locally FSC certified grown hardwood timber, modern manufacturing techniques, and highly skilled employees to produce fine-quality hardwood products that have made the region famous. These resources, combined with proprietary information systems and advanced technology, allow for consistent and predictable outcomes.

Lafor delivers quality because we control every step of the manufacturing process. Lafor is an integrated manufacturer.

From saw milling to wood countertops delivery, Lafor does it all !

  • Total control over manufacturing process
  • Total control over quality
  • Total flexibility towards your needs
  • nnovation and development are our focus


Hardwood Timber

Lafor Wood Products is capable to supply large quantities of export-ready hardwoods timber on time.

Edge Glued Panels

Lafor's edge glued panels have firmly established themselves in this area because they fulfil all the necessary visual and technical standards.

Wooden Stairs

Nothing beats the look of fine wood stairs in your home. Our elegant stair treads add style and character to any home.