Hardwood Timber

From hardwood timber to finished wood products, Lafor does it all!

With a consistent kiln drying capacity and massive hardwood timber storage warehouses, Lafor Wood Products can supply large quantities of export-ready hardwood timber on time.

Established in 1993, Lafor Wood Products is one of the largest FSC® certified saw-milling and gwood processing companies in the area and dedicated to providing quality hardwood timber and related products to the woodworking industry.

Every piece of timber goes through a series of automated and manual checks to ensure that is adequately graded so that every customer receives the quality, size, grade, and color of timber that they require.

We offer a large selection of kiln-dried beechwood, oak, ash, cherry, hard maple, and black locust. However, our big seller stills the steamed, kiln-dried beechwood timber. Container size orders only.

We supply container size shipments of edged lumber, rough, S2S, and S4S for furniture manufacturers, woodworking companies, cabinet makers, doors manufacturers, stairs and hardwood flooring manufacturers, and millworkers.

We continually invest in the most efficient and precise computer-aided equipment to ensure maximum production output while retaining quality.

Lafor is the only company able to offer consistent quantities, all year round of equal widths beech wood and maple timber. That benefits our customers, dramatically increasing the yield. For example, to the woodworking companies, those are looking to get multiples of 50mm we offer: 156mm, 209mm, 262mm wide planks. As a result, the yield is 100% or zero waste when the planks are ripped to get 50mm x 50mm squares! We also offer, based on customer's requests, fix widths timber: for door frames, cabinet door frames, flooring, and planks.

Dimensions available:

  • Thickness: 4/4, 8/4, 12/4.
  • Widths: 4" and up.
  • Lengths: 6' and up.


  • Four sides clear, no red hearth, knots, cracks, splits, or other defects allowed; ideal for moldings, millwork, or furniture manufacturers.
  • A + grade, one single knot, max diameter of 30mm on one face only, sound red heart on both faces allowed; recommended for doors producers, furniture manufacturers, cabinet makers, stairs manufacturers.
  • A grade, up to three knots per piece, max diameter of 30mm, and sound red heart on both faces allowed; ideal for rustic furniture manufacturers, hardwood flooring manufacturers.

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