Lafor Wood Products is wholesaler of European hardwood timber, solid wood edge glued panels for furniture industry, kitchen countertops, butcher blocks counters, wood countertops stair treads, stair parts staircases and stairways, hardwood flooring, solid wood furniture and furniture parts: table tops, table legs, drawers, you name it, we get it.

Take your time to browse around. We tried to include in the next pages as much information as possible, although, as you will find out pretty soon, not much talking is needed, as the beauty of the wood speaks for itself.

If you are in a rush, however, here is in a nutshell what we offer:

* European hardwood timber. Kiln dried, edged, beech wood timber, 4/4, 8/4, rough, S2S or S4S for furniture manufacturers, woodworking companies, cabinet manufacturers, doors manufacturers, stairs manufacturers, glued panels manufacturers, etc

* Edge glued panels. Beech wood, oak, maple, cherry, ash tree, black locust, whitebeam, hornbeam, basswood and walnut finger jointed and solid stave edge glued panels suitable for furniture boards, table tops and kitchen worktops, work bench boards, stair-treads/steps, stair-strings, handrails and stair risers, cheek boards, construction boards, shelf bottoms, door-casing and door-frames, window-sills..

* Wood countertops, butcher blocks and chopping boards. A large variety of sizes, shapes, species of kitchen tops, butcher blocks, kitchen countertops and chopping blocks. CNC machining capabilities, food grade mineral oil finishing or polyurethane finishing upon request.

* Wooden stairs, stair treads and raisers. Complete wooden stairs, stair treads and raisers, stair cases and stair parts for building contractors.

* Hardwood flooring. Unfinished, T&G, 3/4" x 6" x 50" finger jointed beech, oak, maple, black locust, ash hardwood flooring.

* Furniture parts. Drawer cases, drawer parts, table tops, table legs, shelves and other furniture parts.

* Solid wood furniture. Tables, coffee tables, beds, night stands, book cases, shelves. CNC machining capabilities, mineral oil, high traffic polyurethane or water based finishing available.

If anything from the above matched your interest, or stirred your curiosity, please come and take a closer look to the following pages.


Hardwood Timber

Lafor Wood Products is capable to supply large quantities of export-ready hardwoods timber on time.

Edge Glued Panels

ILafor's edge glued panels have firmly established themselves in this area because they fulfil all the necessary visual and technical standards.

Wooden Stairs

Nothing beats the look of fine wood stairs in your home. Our elegant stair treads add style and character to any home.


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Wood Countertops

Every wood countertops is, indeed, unique, with its own individuality.


Black Locust
European Beechwood