Solid Wood Furniture


Solid Wood Furniture


An exciting program of fine furniture products and services dedicated to serving the residence hall, kitchen, dormitory and contract lodging market in Europe and North America.

Our craftsmen and engineers are committed to producing innovative furniture collections of discernable aesthetics, without compromising strength and durability needed to endure the demands of the commercial environment.

We produce solid wood quality furniture, CNC machined, mineral oil or polyurethane finish.

  • bedroom and dining room furniture
  • cabinetry
  • entertainment centers
  • bookcases
  • coffee tables and dinning tables - kitchen islands and kitchen counters

We provide customized dimensions and other particular details (CNC machined, polyurethane finished), as per customer's request, a 6-8 weeks leading time and DDU transportation. All the above products are accompanied by our full warranty. Sample works are available upon request.

Upon request we can also supply finished elements or CNC machined products such as:

  • Tabletops and workbench tops
  • Chair and bench seats
  • Chopping boards
  • Solid wood counter tops, bar tops and kitchen island tops
  • Drawer sides and fronts
  • Shelving systems

Given the great diversity and outstanding quality displayed by European hardwoods, we'd like to believe that our products could help your company attach even more variety, distinctiveness and value to the projects bearing its signature.

Lafor does not sell some of the products directly to the consumer. Our furniture is sold throughout the Europe, and North America through furniture dealers.


Hardwood Timber

Lafor Wood Products is capable to supply large quantities of export-ready hardwoods timber on time.

Edge Glued Panels

Lafor's edge glued panels have firmly established themselves in this area because they fulfil all the necessary visual and technical standards.


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Wood Countertops

Every wood countertops is, indeed, unique, with its own individuality.