Winnipeg, MB, hardwood countertops, and kitchen island tops.

Hardwood countertops are a natural material that reacts to extreme moisture or dryness by expanding or shrinking, especially when unfinished - hardwood countertops and kitchen island tops when oil-finished need regular maintenance.

For each of these shortcomings, there are, nevertheless, specific remedies. But the point is, what makes a perfect hardwood countertop depends much upon your own needs and expectations.

We have offered this brief overview hoping it will help you understand what hardwood can do for you and what it can’t and, thus, enable you to choose the material that best fits your requirements. But, by the end of the day, there is an unmistakable, unique beauty to a solid wood surface. It is a blend of warmth, character, and tenderness that no other material, either natural or human-made, can match.

We currently offer maple, beechwood, oak, black locust, cherry, walnut, whitebeam, ash tree, and hornbeam wood countertops and kitchen island tops.

We also offer wide planks kitchen island tops, countertops, and bar tops built using available local hardwood timber.

For the Winnepeg area, we offer choices of mineral oil, waterlox tung oil, or polyurethane finishing: satin, gloss, or semi-gloss.

Custom staining and varnishing are also available. Edge profiling and sinkhole cut upon request. We do not offer installation services for this area. See the Installation section or call us for details.

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