Vancouver hardwood countertops and kitchen island tops.

Most of the kitchen experts prefer hardwood countertops because they are more impact resistant and sanitary than other human-made surfaces. Hardwood countertops are gentler on knife blades than marble, metal, glass, or granite. But not all species of hardwood are the same. When buying a wood countertop for your home kitchen, know that certain wood species handle the chore of cutting and chopping better than others.

We currently supply maple, beechwood, oak, black locust, cherry, walnut, whitebeam, ash tree, and hornbeam. All native to the Old World, each of these hardwood species has some particular outstanding feature, be its hardness, durability, or exquisite aesthetics.

For Vancouver and Lower Mainland area, we offer a choice of mineral oil, waterlox tung oil or polyurethane finishing: satin, gloss or semi-gloss.

Custom staining and varnishing are also available. Edge profiling and sinkhole cut upon request. We also offer installation services. See the Installation section or call us for details.

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