London ON hardwood countertops

London, ON, hardwood countertops, and kitchen island tops.

The best hardwood countertop or kitchen island top for your kitchen doesn’t have to be the most expensive one; with a bit of imagination, you can get the most beautiful visual effects with relatively inexpensive materials.

We are committed to helping our customers make the right decision, so we give out hardwood countertops, and kitchen island tops samples that are large enough to be relevant for the real thing. In addition to getting an accurate idea about our products, you can also test the samples against scratches, cut marks, food stains, or any other real-life incident. There is absolutely no charge associated with these samples or their shipping.

We currently offer maple, beechwood, oak, black locust, cherry, walnut, whitebeam, ash tree, and hornbeam wood countertops and kitchen island tops.

We also offer wide planks kitchen island tops, countertops, and bar tops built using available local hardwood timber.

For the London area, we offer choices of mineral oil, waterlox tung oil, or polyurethane finishing: satin, gloss, or semi-gloss.

Custom staining and varnishing are also available. Edge profiling and sinkhole cut upon request. We do not offer installation services for this area. See the Installation section or call us for details.

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